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CIVITECH stands as a premier company in Pakistan, delivering innovative, top-tier solutions across diverse industries. Our team comprises skilled architects, engineers, construction professionals, surveyors, GIS engineers, and technology experts devoted to delivering unparalleled service and excellence to our valued clients.

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At Civitech, innovation drives excellence. From cutting-edge technology to expert consultancy, we redefine standards, shaping a transformative future.


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Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Aerial Mapping and Surveying

Elevate project insights with Civitech's Aerial Mapping and Surveying services. Using advanced drone technology and surveying expertise, we provide precise data collection for informed decision-making and streamlined project execution.

Construction and Renovations Services

Construction and Renovations

Civitech offers expert Construction and Renovation Services. From conceptualization to execution, our dedicated team ensures quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions to bring your projects to life, exceeding expectations with every build and renovation.

Interior designing and Supervision

Interior design and Supervision

Civitech specializes in Interior Designing and Supervision services. Our creative expertise and meticulous supervision ensure a seamless transformation of spaces, reflecting individuality, functionality, and aesthetic excellence.



Civitech's Consultancy Services offer strategic guidance and tailored solutions. With industry expertise and innovative approaches, we empower businesses to navigate challenges, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable growth.



Civitech's Architecture Services redefine spaces. Our visionary designs, blending creativity and functionality, shape structures that inspire. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring your architectural aspirations to life, creating spaces that resonate and endure.

GIS & Remote Sensing

GIS & Remote Sensing

Civitech's GIS & Remote Sensing services harness cutting-edge technology for comprehensive spatial solutions. With precise data analysis and advanced mapping techniques, we unlock invaluable insights, empowering informed decisions across various sectors and projects.


Dream with innovation and sustainability welcome to Civitech.

Civitech pioneers transformative solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious practices, to reshape urban environments for a sustainable and connected future.

We Follow Best Practices

We meticulously adhere to industry-leading standards, ensuring that ‘excellence’ is not just a goal but an inherent part of our practice at every step.

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Reshaping Communities Worldwide

Civitech pioneers sustainable solutions, transforming communities worldwide through innovation and expertise. Our diverse team is dedicated to creating lasting impact and positive change across the globe.

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Engr. Bilal Chohan, Civil Engineer


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Lahore Safari

Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department

Lahore Zoo

Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department

Sargodha Landuse Survey

EDCM Consulants

Karachi Education City Survey


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Frequently Asked Questions

Civitech offers its innovative solutions across various industries, including but not limited to real estate development, infrastructure, urban planning, environmental sustainability, and technology integration. Our versatile expertise allows us to address the needs of diverse sectors seeking sustainable and cutting-edge solutions.

At Civitech, our sustainability approach is comprehensive and forward-thinking. We prioritize eco-conscious practices, utilize advanced technology for efficient solutions, and integrate sustainability at the core of every project. This involves a blend of innovative design, careful resource management, and a commitment to reducing environmental impact while enhancing societal well-being.

Civitech prides itself on a team of highly skilled professionals – architects, engineers, surveyors, GIS experts, and construction specialists – who work collaboratively to uphold the highest standards. We emphasize open communication, client collaboration, and a stringent quality control process throughout each project phase, ensuring exceptional service delivery and exceeding client expectations.